About Armatech

Armatech® has over 34 years of experience in the Firearms & Armaments Industry.

We are multi manufacturer certified and exceptionally skilled, with armourer certificates including Glock, LMT, LEI, B+T, Taser, Heckler & Koch, Accuracy International, Penn Arms.

About Us

Armatech® is the preferred firearms service company for a number of agencies, international security companies and firearms manufacturers. We have service responsibility for assets valued over £3M.

Armatech has extensive experience working with American, European, Eastern European, Middle East and Asian manufactured firearms, and the variants of firearms that are, and have been used by; UK Police and Military and many that are used by agencies worldwide.

Armatech will provide you with an auditable inspection and servicing programme that we develop with you to establish:
Firearms maintenance, repair and calibration protocols.
Monitoring, testing and surveying for Lead in Air on indoor firing ranges.
The suitability of firearms and ammunition storage facilities.
Firearms unloading facilities.
Ammunition Quality Assurance.
Ballistic Protective Equipment inspection.
Indoor firing range safety inspections.
Drafting of robust Standard Operating Procedures to align with:
ISO 18788: A framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving the management of security operations.
ISO 9001: Quality Management System, for the provision and delivery of security services.
ANSI/ASIS PSC.1 Quality Management framework drafted by ASIS to supplement the International code of conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

To help combat the proliferation of Small Arms, Armatech are also able to manage the complete disposal of surplus, unwanted or scrap firearms and components to comply with MOSAIC (Modular Small-arms-control Implementation Compendium).

We have developed compact bullet traps for indoor and outdoor use to facilitate the safe loading and unloading of firearms for clients in the Asia Pacific region, and these are now also proving popular across the Middle East.

Armatech can advise on the procurement, import and customs clearance processes for firearms, ammunition and ancillary equipment, and the construction or inspection of pipe/indoor ranges.
(Please note we do not sell, transfer or broker firearms transactions.)